Jaguar Commit to the Gen 3 regulations

Jaguar have become the latest manufacturer to commit to Formula E’s Gen 3 regulations, which come into effect at the end of 2022. 

NIO and Mercedes are now the only two manufacturers left to confirm their place for GEN 3 with BMW and Audi already stating that they are leaving the series at the end of this season.

Jaguar Team Principal told reporters in Rome that the British team has signed up for GEN 3, but is delaying its announcement to workout its motorsport plans going forward.

“What I can confirm is that we have signed the Gen3 registration. We have done it. We’ve signed the registration document and we are continuing our development.

“The FIA has given a registration timeline but the announcement about our future motorsport plans will form the next part of our Reimagine strategy. “At this point in time, we have nothing more to say. We’ve signed it, the registration, we’re continuing our development for Gen3.

“More news on our motorsport plans will follow. “If you want to be in Gen3, you have to sign and continue development. It is really the first stage where get the first information on the car. We’re still waiting for further detail in some areas,” Barclay told Autosport.

“Fundamentally, it gives us enough information to start our understanding of the packaging of the car. “It’s the basic building blocks. Very early days. It’s an important time to get the context. But there’s a lot more info to come.”

Elsewhere, Mercedes is expected to join the other manufactures into Formula E’s GEN 3 era, but they want further details on the financial structure of the all-electric series going forward.

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