Attack Mode placement could cause more crashes: Frijns

Robin Frijns is predicting that Attack Mode will cause more havoc in New York as its placement on the outside of Turn 14 will see drivers being forced into the walls. 

The Envision Virgin Racing driver believes that the same crashes that the series saw in Puebla. Those crashes saw the elimination of Sam Bird and Jean-Eric Vergne from the Saturday race after coming into contact with Alexander Sims and Alex Lynn.

The Dutch driver believes that there needs to be a rule change to avoid contact with drivers merging back onto the racing line after taking Attack Mode.

The Attack Mode position is questionable again,” said Frijns. “I think we are going to have the same situation that we had in Puebla. The drivers here will not give you an inch when you are coming back on track, and if you are fighting or overtaking into that corner at the same time as someone ahead is taking Attack Mode, then there is the chance for a crash happening. 

“I think that maybe we need a rule change to ensure that we make sure we leave a cars width on the outside if you see a car go into Attack Mode. If you don’t then, as I said I think we will see more crashes like we did in Puebla.” 

Frijns also spoke about the possibility of Eindhoven taking the TBA slot on the calendar that is currently earmarked for the 4th of June.

“I would love for Eindhoven to be on the calendar next season. They have been working hard over the last two years to secure a race. It is a city that is close to my heart, as I used to live about 45 minutes from it. So, I have spent a lot of time in that city, so I think it would be a great for Formula E to race there.” 


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