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Lynn’s personal relief of finally winning in Formula E

After the euphoria of claiming his first win in Formula E on home soil, Alex Lynn opened up on his personal struggle that he has had with the series.

The British driver won Sunday’s London E-Prix, and it was evident to see that the pressure of not being able to do so was finally lifted when Lynn spoke to the media after the race.

“I’m thankful really for Dilbagh Gill for giving me this opportunity to be back in the series, and to get a win it is a big personal tick box for me and I will never forgot it,” explained Lynn.

The 27-year old had a great start to his career in Formula E with Virgin Racing after securing pole position in his debut race in New York in season three.

However, despite some strong performances Lynn found himself out of the series. He then joined Jaguar to replace season one champion Nelson Piquet Jr.

Despite impressing in those races in season five, he was not retained by Jaguar for season six. Then Lynn re-joined the series again to replace Pascal Wehrlein who left Mahindra before the end of season six.

Lynn was retained by Mahindra for season seven and felt that he had to get a win to relinquish the pain he has gone through.

“I have been through a lot of pain on this incredible journey I have had in Formula E. I feel that sometimes I didn’t show a good enough reflection of me over the course of my FE career, and a good driver always looks at himself to find ways to improve. I personally have done a lot of digging and today was finally my reward,” added Lynn.

One of the key elements to securing the win was the cooler track conditions on Sunday compared to Saturday when Lynn secured pole position.

Mahindra have struggled with thermal degradation of their tyres this season, but the cooler track conditions and the amount of safety cars helped ensure the tyres were able to last the full race.

“The cooler track conditions and the safety cars definitely helped me to keep the tire under control, as yesterday we really struggled without those interruptions in the race like we had today. It is something we still need to work on, but I am so happy that we were able to win today,” said Lynn.

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