Jaguar TCS Racing have launched a customer supply partnership with Envision Racing starting in season nine, meaning both teams will utilise the same electric motor, inverter, transmission, cooling system, casing and suspension for the next four seasons.

As per the new regulations, Jaguar will also allocate personnel to support Envision with aspects such as engineering and part supply.

The move comes in the wake of Envision’s current partnership with Audi coming to an end, with the German manufacturer ceasing their involvement at the end of season eight.

To celebrate the announcement, Jaguar released a short video of their driver Sam Bird delivering the Gen 3 powertrain to Envision Racing’s HQ and his former teammate Robin Frijns.

“We are pleased to announce that we will supply Envision Racing with our Jaguar Formula E powertrain in Gen3.” Announced Jaguar TCS Racing’s team principal James Barclay. “They are one of the most competitive teams in Formula E and it’s an honour that they want to use Jaguar powertrain technology in this new era of FIA Formula E. We look forward to working and achieving further successes together in the future.”

“We have a huge amount of respect for Sylvain and all of the Envision Racing team – they are an ideal customer team for Jaguar. Envision Racing will be able to optimise their own performance so we remain rivals on track. We race to innovate together and I’m excited to see four Jaguar powered Formula E race cars line up on the grid alongside each other next season.”  

Envision Racing’s managing director and CTO Sylvain Filippi was also delighted, feeling that the partnership between the two teams would also have a positive impact in their efforts to mitigate against the climate crisis. “Jaguar has been one of our fiercest competitors in Formula E since they joined the Championship in 2016.” Said Filippi. “The team’s advanced powertrain technology and overall commitment to its Formula E programme made them the most attractive option to us.

“Formula E is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, inspiring and exciting the next generation of motorsport fans in cities across the globe. But more exciting is the fact it is arguably the most collaborative sport in the world because we recognise the role that we can play in solving one of the biggest problems of our time in the race against climate change.”

Franz Jung, Vice President of Envision Group and Chairman of the Board of Envision Racing Formula E team, concluded: “Today’s announcement marks the start of an incredibly exciting new era for Envision Racing. As each partnership like this is forged, we all take huge steps forward in reaching ambitious net zero goals. I look forward to seeing what the teams achieve as a combined force for good.”