Norman Nato’s five-second penalty has been overturned by the stewards, as new information was provided resulting in the stewards withdrawing his penalty. 

The Andretti driver was given the penalty for a collision with Robin Frijns at Turn 6 in the closing stages of the race.

However, new footage showed that Nato stayed on the Racing line and the stewards felt that no driver was at fault for the collision.

“There is a significant and relevant new element which was not available for the Stewards at the time Decision 12 was taken (Article 14 of the International Sporting Code). After the Race, the Stewards received additional onboard video footage which showed that car 17 was on the racing line and did not force car 4 to the left. None of the drivers concerned is predominately to blame,” read the FIA document.

This means Norman Nato will return to 6th place in the race and Nick Cassidy drops to eighth.

This is significant as he loses the lead in the drivers’ championship to Pascal Wehrlein. The Porsche driver now leads the standings by two points.