Formula E teams are still in the dark on Attack Charge as they head into Misano where the recharging technology is currently scheduled to be used for the first time. 

Attack Charge was originally planned to be introduced at the start of the Gen 3 era in season nine. However, the technology wasn’t deemed ready and it’s introduction was postponed until the start of season ten.

The teams tested Attack Charge during pre-season testing, but the teams stopped using the system as a precaution after an unrelated battery fire, which meant the fast-charging technology was delayed further to Misano on the 13th and 14th of April.

In Mexico and Diriyah teams were intended to test Attack Charge during the free practice, but this also did not come to fruition, with no explanation given by either the FIA or Formula E itself.

Speaking to both McLaren’s Team Principal Ian James and Jaguar’s James Barclay, both had no update on whether or not Attack Charge will be used in Misano.

“We still don’t know,” said Ian James. “It is a decision for Formula E and the FIA to make. The one thing that we have been consistent on throughout is that when Attack Charge is brought in it must have a positive impact on the championship.

“It has to be robust, we can’t have it harming the championship in a way that we don’t want. Therefore we can’t take any risks with it, and all the teams agree with that.

“We will all keep helping with the development of Attack Charge, and when it is rolled out it will be in the best possible shape.”

James Barclay carried the same approach as James on the subject of Attack Charge.

“Ultimately, will still don’t know when Attack Charge will come in,” stated Barclay. “We will be ready for it when it does, and if that is Misano then we will be fully prepared.

“At the same time, if it is delayed again that is not a negative. It makes more sense to be patient and get the technology 100% right before we introduce it.”

Should Attack Charge not be debuted in Misano, it’s likely that it’s introduction will be pushed back to the Berlin E-Prix doubleheader on the 11th and 12th of May.