Edoardo Mortara dismissed claims that Mahindra has had a “tricky” start to the season, as the Swiss-Italian driver feels that the team has had a good start to the year.

Mahindra has yet to score a point, but the Indian team were denied ten points in Tokyo as Mortara was disqualified for overuse of energy during the race.

The 37-year-old understands that the project at Mahindra is for the long haul rather than immediate success.

“In my opinion, we have had a good start to the season,” stated Mortara. “People say we have had a tricky start, but we knew that it was not going to be easy at the start. 

“When you look at it closer. It has taken us four races to get into the duels. The team hasn’t even achieved it since the first weekend in Mexico last season.

“Now we have done it twice. So that’s impressive. We know that the races are extremely difficult for us. We lack a lot of efficiency compared to the other teams. 

“We have shown in Tokyo, that on particular tracks we can try and do something, and maybe finish in the top five if we have a perfect weekend. 

“It is a difficult situation, but we are making progress each weekend.” 

Mortara admits that there is no missing piece of the puzzle to solve Mahindra’s issues.

“There is no one particular thing that will solve our problems. Time is what we need. There are lots of things we can do to improve with software. I think the team is doing a good job with this.

“We are executing better as a team as well, but I am expecting us to make a big step in season 11. 

“The current powertrain puts us at a disadvantage, but next season we reset, and hopefully we get it right and we can be fighting towards the front again.”