Despite securing victory in Misano Pascal Wehrlein feels the peloton style of racing creates “too much chaos” and makes the teams’ preparation for the race pointless. 

Wehrlein profited from the high energy-saving race in Misano as Oliver Rowland ran out of usable energy on the final lap of the race which allowed the Porsche driver to claim victory.

Speaking after the race, Wehrlein thought that this weekend’s races caused too much chaos and made qualifying irrelevant.

“For me, it is just too much chaos,” stated Wehrlein. “It also makes qualifying irrelevant which is also a bit of a shame. 

“We did expect it to be worse than it was, and the fact that today’s race was not too bad is a positive. 

“I’m not a fan of the chaotic beginning of the race. We spend so much time and energy in the simulator trying to optimise our package and find that extra tenth or half a tenth.

“We spend three days looking at optimising the energy, the setup and the software and you turn up here and qualifying is irrelevant. 

“So it feels like all the work that you do is pointless. It’s not fully pointless, but in the end, it kind of is.”

Wehrlein felt that the Misano circuit was fun to drive over one lap, but felt some areas need to improve if the all-electric series was to come back in 12 months.

“I think it was a nice track for one lap pace. There are certainly a few things that could have been different. The way the track limits were policed and the sausage kerbs created huge bumps for us. So I think some places need work.

“I think we will have some of these issues at other venues, but all the drivers are big fans of the track in Rome. I hope we can go back there in the future, I think that would be the best solution.