Reigning World Champion Jake Dennis feels that Formula E needs a couple of peloton-style races on the calendar to be different to other championships. 

The Andretti driver feels that with other racing series being fairly processional at times, it is good for the fans to see a different style of racing.

“If the races are not too crazy then I quite like the peloton style of races,” stated Dennis. “Tokyo was the other end of the spectrum where it can be a bit dull for the fans. In the race, as soon as the second Attack Mode was completed you knew where everyone was finishing. 

“The peloton style of racing at least has a little bit more excitement, and from my side with the way Formula 1 is at the moment it is important to bring something different. Instead of just a procession of cars just driving around in a train. 

“These cars are incredibly difficult to overtake when we have a lot of energy. It is way harder than anything else and that’s comparing it to F1 and F2. We don’t have DRS. So we need this excitement. 

“We have to find a balance though and I think Monaco last year was a very good race. It had the perfect balance of energy management, but Portland was too extreme last year.

“I suppose I also like it because I qualified 17th, so these races help me recover, but if you qualify at the front I understand why these races are a bit frustrating.” 

Dennis admitted that the team still has a lot of work to do to improve their qualifying pace ahead of the next race in Monaco.

“We are struggling with the car in qualifying, both me and Norman haven’t been able to get the best out of the car. 

“We need to work on our qualifying results. I think I’m doing better this year in the races, but it’s easier to start at the front and you need to do that in Monaco, so we have a lot to learn over the next two weeks.”