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Season Five Preview

Formula E starts its fifth season in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, and there are many new changes to look forward to. Let's take you through...

Why Attack Charge has been delayed until Misano

Attack Charge was supposed to be introduced at the start of season nine, but was rolled back to season ten due to the technology...

In The Spotlight: Edorado Mortara

Edorado Mortara established himself as one the top drivers in Formula E during his debut weekend in Hong Kong.  The Swiss driver was leading the majority...

Have Formula E been scared by the Peloton style of races?

Formula E seems to have thrown itself into another identity crisis this season, as they have looked like they have taken a step back...

Formula E Season Ten Preview

The dawn of the tenth Formula E season is almost upon us, and with the powertrains being homologated from season nine and carrying over...

A Fresh Challenge: Edoardo Mortara

Edoardo Mortara has become a well-established name in the Formula E world since he burst onto the scene in Hong Kong in season four....