Mitch Evans was “thankful” to his teammate Nick Cassidy for the role he played in helping secure the win in Monaco. 

Evans found himself as the lead Jaguar driver in the race, and Cassidy slowed the pack down to ensure that the 29-year-old could take both of his Attack Modes and maintain the lead of the race.

“I am very thankful for the role that Cassidy played,” stated Evans. “Thankfully I was the lead driver and I got to benefit today. 

“We did discuss it as a team before the race if this eventuality happened, and luckily we found ourselves in a position to do so and we executed it perfectly. 

“They gave us the instructions in the race, and we have to follow them. So today, I was the fortunate one and it was nice, as I have been trying to win in Monaco for ages and I have finally done it. 

“I have to give full credit to Nick for helping me and the team did a great job in managing it. 

Nick Cassidy was very happy to accept second place, as it helped secure a further 19 points in the fight for the championship.

“Today’s race was what I wanted to do in London race one last season,” said Cassidy. “It was great to be finally able to do that here. 

“It was great to see Mitch finally win in Monaco. He has been trying a lot to do it and I’m glad I could help him finally get it.”

Jaguar has now secured 172 points in the teams’ title and they have a 44-point advantage over Porsche.